Supreme Temple News

We are not sure if we will be able to attend Supreme Session 2020 this year.
We are not sure if the boarders will be open and if they are  will  it be safe to travel to the US and get travel insurance.
So as Chairman of Ways and Means committee  for Supreme Session 2021
 I would like to give to  you and  and your members the opportunity of shopping on line, so as to speak, items to purchase that will help raise funds to help finance Supreme Session 2021 in Calgary.
We have had to cancel and postpone all of our fund raising  plans that were scheduled  for this year. We we are pursuing new ideas and with your help we will be successful.
The attached catologue explains the method of ordering and paying for the items selected. Mailing costs  which will be determined once we receive an order and will be quoted before mailing.
If you or your members have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at this email address or at the telephone number that is listed in the catologue.
Thank you
Victoria Scott PQ
Recorder Al Amira Temple No.157
Ways and Means Chair Supreme Session 2021